• I've experienced a range of business coaching throughout my life, but none as memorable as working with Kate and the horses. If I'm honest, I had reservations as I didn't consider myself the type to get in a ring alone with a horse. However, Kate has the rare ability to put you at ease no matter what your circumstances or preconceptions! She'll empower and support you as together you unravel your identified challenge, realizing fresh perspectives, practical tools for the future and in my case a real epiphany to cut the guilt around how I should be running my business like my industry peers and rather be authentic to who I am, injecting a sense of fun into how it operates to make it even more relatable to my target market. It's the best money you can spend on yourself and your organization while experiencing something worth talking about.

- Courtney Linnecar

  • What did you most enjoy about Equus coaching™? 
    The challenge of being "out of control" and having to adapt and think about new situations and how well Kate was able to relate what we were trying to achieve with the horses to real life situations.
    What did you take awayor gain from the experience / How has this experience supported you in your life or work?
    To think about what we are trying to achieve and how best to adapt to the situation.
    Not everybody responds the same to the same situations and that there are many different ways to achieve a favorable outcome.
    Would you recommend this experience to others - Who would you recommend it to? What would you want them to know, or why would your recommend it?
    Without a doubt!  I would recommend it for couples with communication problems, or with children they are having trouble getting messages across to.  Would also recommend to teams, be it management teams, work teams, sports teams etc...

- Craig Newland